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Conventional Thickeners are Basically there are two groups of thickeners which differ in their rake in turn, depends on a K factor and the thickener

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It is the first of these functions that is the focus of this paper. Although thickener rakes are essential signs, sign and operation can reduce the likelihood of ratholing, out transport due to rake action in thickeners.

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A thickener according to the invention is provided with a mechanism for operating the rake arms of the thickener rake arms are swiveled, but this does not

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Outotec174; Thickening technologies Rate Thickener has pioneered and redefined thickening rake profiles, drive systems and

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Development of a model for predicting thickener rake torque PhD Thesis, as the equation does not incorporate geometry or the resistance of the slurry to the

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arse material can create islands that give uneven high torque levels (with peaks at 2 or 4 times the rake rotation frequency) and rotating masses or doughnuts also cause rake torque to increase (with cycles equal to the rake rotation frequency).Measurement can be by hydraulic pressure, load cells or torque arms

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Starch thickeners often lump if not added to the liquids properly. To avoid lumps, mix the starch with ld liquid until it forms a paste, then whisk it into the liquid you're trying to thicken.

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How to Get Fudge to Harden. treat may not turn out as expected if you do not allow the fudge to it loses its glossy texture and begins to thicken.

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We generally operate at a thickener rake speed of 8 to 12m/min Thus We would not recommend being tight in motor selection since the price

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The tilted plates installed in thickener are good for mineral thickener and reducing the height which improve capacity by 23 times.

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Raking in gravity thickeners. Rake torque is a key issue in thickener operation and it was found that the yield stress of the suspension is the major factor in


Location of the thickener in a wastewater treatment plant is important. digested, thickening a blend of primary and waste activated sludge is a good practice. watering [3]. Both ncentration and volume reduction.


signed a High Rate Thickener sign reduces the amount of torque dissipate so it does not enter the main settling zone

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nstructed with flat bottoms and heavy duty rake drive mechanisms to move the sludge to the center outlet. The flat bottom cylindrical thickener provides 3 times the ne and, hence, 3 times the retention time.

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The clear zone.T H I C K E N I N ntinuous thickening by an operation called sedimentation is the separation of suspended solid particles from a liquid stream by gravity settling. which is


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The tip speed of the outer rresponds to the same tip speed as that in a 40 m thickener operating at a rake speed of 3 rev h 1 (20 min rev 1). Rake sign The rake arms are made from slotted rectangular section plate and the blades are bolted to sired positions and angles. 2.

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blade rake, ove the rake arm (location 3) moves The outward motion seen in Fig. 15 unter to the rake direction although it also moves slowly excessive raking in the outer parts of the tank resulting inwards (see streamlines in Fig. 19). from uniform rake blade size (nventional unterintuitive,

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watering, filtration, and equipment used The animated graphic at right shows the rotation of the rake mechanism in a thickener.

ntrol of Sedimentation

ntrol ntrol mplexities thickener. Rake height indicators are also typically

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difficult information to obtain termination of thickener rake drive torque requirements Paste 2006, Limerick, Ireland 15 r heology And t hicKening

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RotaRake174; Thickener The Graver RotaRake174; Thickener is a horizontal flow sedimentation and thickening unit for the efficient separation of suspended solids from

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WesTech Engineering has taken the next step in advancing thickener technology with our Thickener Optimization sign rake lifting

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vice in thickeners to engage the arm 84 of a socalled microswitch or the like 85 which in turn closes a circuit to initiate the rake

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ntinuous operation can impose a substantial burden on capital investment. Unlike Hydroseparators are not discussed in this section.

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As the shaft turns the rakes will sweep the entire bed of the thickener thereby applied Torque. Each rake arm Thickener Torque Rakes amp; Drive free to turn

Thickeners Solid Liquid Separation

ntinuous operation can impose a substantial burden on capital investment. Unlike many other types of equipment, thickeners have no standbys so if mmission it cannot be bypassed.



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ep Bed Paste Thickener can thicken a tailings stream to ncentrations Rake mechanism with fulllength

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Thickening Resource Book. a rotating rake mechanism to assist in thickener with minimum turbulence and uniform distribution while